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It is a fortunate coincidence that the establishment of the ViolaViva music publishing house and the first publication of the many viola-friendly creations fall straight into the anniversary year 2006, in which we celebrate the 250. Birthday of the great master. Because, as you can see from the initial assortment of the publishing program, just transmissions of Mozart compositions are in a large majority compared with creations of other composers.
As is known Mozart loved the viola very much and played her with preference also in the quartet. And how much he considered it in his string- and piano quartets, in the string trio KV563 and in both duos together with the violin. However, it will remain a secret to us why he did not write only one viola sonata besides his wonderful sonata for piano and violin. It seems that the type "viola sonata'" was not "modern" in his time.

Thus the ViolaViva music publishing house offers a number of Mozart's violin sonata for viola players:

Duetts for Violin and Viola:
According to Violinsonatas in one volume
  • Sonata in G major KV301
  • Sonata in F major KV303
    [orig. in E flat major]
  • Sonata in A major KV305
Sonatas for Piano and Viola:
According to Violin Sonatas
  • Sonata in C major KV296
  • Sonata in e moll KV304
  • Sonata in B major KV306
    [orig. in D major]
  • Sonata in F major KV377
  • Sonata in B major KV378
VV201 VV202


If the viola wants to participate in Mozart's piano trio, so first of all the "Kegelstatt-Trio" is of course entitled for it. With regard to all other piano trios it is dependant on revisions, by taking over the cello part. In this instrumentation ViolaViva contributes with a creation of the piano trio KV502, which transposes the trio from B-flat major to C-major and brings the viola into the position to challenge many cello passages and above all many conclusions in (almost) original pitch, thus without upward octaving.

Trio for Piano, Violin and Viola:
  • Trio in C major KV502
    [original in B flat major]

The remaining piano trios appeared 2007 in one book in form of a violoncello replacing viola part, which can be used together with the piano- and violin parts of the relevant editions (for ex. Edition Peters, Bärenreiter, G. Henle Verlag and others).

Trios for Piano, Violin and Viola:
- only viola part in one volume
  • Trio in G major KV496
  • Trio in E major KV542
  • Trio in C major KV545
  • Trio in G major KV564

One of many chamber music lovers for quite some time expected new edition of the piano quartet in E-flat major crowns the Mozart dedicated program of the ViolaViva music publishing house. It does not concern the piano quartet KV493, which Mozart left us in original piano quartet form, but is to a large extent a new transmission of the quintets for piano, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon KV452 in the usual piano quartet instrumentation with piano, violin, viola and violoncello. An early revision of the piano quartet with horns to the piano quartet with strings still originates from the end of the 18th century of Mozart's pupil Franz Jacob Freystädtler, however, it is out of print for decades. As this transmission shows from today's viewpoint some lack, it was, concerning the revision, only used as a second source besides Mozart's quintet original text.

Quartet f. Piano., Violin, Viola a. Vc:
  • Piano quartet in E flat major according to KV452

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