Ruth Gramann, Viola Viva

Ruth Gramann

Ruth Gramann, Viola Viva
Ruth Gramann (neé Organ) was born in Brighton, UK in 1969. She studied Music and French at Goldsmiths' College, London, specializing in original composition and ethnomusicology, obtaining her BA joint honours in 1993. Having worked for many years teaching English, French and Music in England, France, Japan and Germany, she decided to go back to her composition studies and has been under the tutelage of Professor Wolfgang Thiel of Hanns Eisler Music College in Berlin since 2007. She has written for a variety of media, from orchestral to choral works. She has also received commissions for string quartet, incidental music for a paper theatre piece by Christina Siegfried and is presently working on a commission from the jazz saxophonist Lars Stoermer to write a duet for saxophone and piano. Her music combines influences from modern and contemporary western art music, jazz and folk idoms. She is presently living with her partner and fellow composer, Martin Milner, in Caputh, near Berlin.

VV 211 First Print Five Pieces for Viola and Piano
(Ruth Gramann, new publication 2011)
  1. Jester's Jig
  2. My Soul Is Yearning For You
  3. Put On Your Dancing Shoes
  4. In Circles
  5. For Wolfgang
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Contemporary art music is often harsh, enigmatic, and technically extremely challenging, making its suitability for even skilled amateurs both unattractive and unattainable. Ruth Gramann shows in her 'Five Pieces for viola and piano', that one can compose tonally even in 2010 and be influenced by jazz and folk music, without resorting to the clichés of popular music. Her 'Five Pieces' present a fresh musical voice and are rhythmically diverse. The titles of each piece suggest the different characters of each work, with their lively dance rhythms, poignant motifs, or highly lyrical melodies and offer a good amateur rewarding challenges. They are a valuable addition to the repertoire of advanced music students and are also appropriate material for competitions.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thiel, Potsdam

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