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Helmut Pfrommer ViolaViva is a small publishing company run by Helmut Pfrommer, former architect and teacher, who set up the company when he retired because he plays the viola and wanted to promote the publication of music specifically for the viola.

Pfrommer was often envious of the vast amount of differentiated literature that his fellow 'cellists and violinists had and he felt that a lot of the contemporary viola literature that was available was often too complex, or technically too difficult for the amateur player. He realized his desire to increase the amount and kind of literature for viola in the '80s as he started to arrange sonatas for violin and piano by Mozart and Beethoven as well as cello-voices of piano trios for viola.

In 2006 Pfrommer decided to publish his arrangements using the 'capella notation programme'.

Transcriptions from Bach's organ - and piano-compositions for strings (for example the well-tempered clavier) are another rarity in this young publishing company.

The inducement for such adaptations is not only the extension of alternatives to play, but also the inward benefit to get to know a composition in detail and if it is essential to find the optimal compromise together with the team-players rotating between music stand and desktop.

Finally you are invited sincerely to have lots of interesting experiences with ViolaViva publications.

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